Jeff Alan has become one of the leading television news historians.  His past includes being News Director for major television newsrooms in Portland, Saint Louis, Pittsburgh, Memphis and others.  As the author of ANCHORING AMERICA he makes regular appearances as a media analyst on The Today Show, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC.

Jeff began his reporting career in radio while still in High School in 1968. During his first year as a reporter he was an eyewitness to the assassination of Robert Kennedy and covered politics as a youth political reporter for radio and television. His weekly beat reporting included then governor Ronald Reagan, Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and many others notable political figures of the time.

By the mid 1980s Jeff had received numerous awards for his reporting and was hired to his first television news management position in 
Arizona. He began moving up in market size. First to West Virginia, then Western Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, back to Pennsylvania and then on to Oregon.

Winner of over 50 prestigious journalism awards including the 2000 Emmy award for Outstanding Television News, The National Ed King Memorial Award for Outstanding Journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists, The Best Newscast in America Award and National Outstanding Community Service Award from the National Academy of Television Journalists.   

Jeff also was an on-air anchor in Arizona, West Virginia and Pennsylvinia.  He hosted his own weekly television talk program in Memphis and Saint Louis.  Jeff was the home video reviewer for CBS for four years. He has produced award winning television specials, documentaries and weekly series.

Jeff has also taught a top rated broadcast journalism course for four years at the
University of Pittsburgh and lectured at colleges and universities nationwide.

Jeff Alan is also the author of "RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM" (Rowan & Littlefield)






"Anchoring America" is James M. Lane's fifth book, and he has served as a series editor on five others. A former publisher of the Official Airline Guide (OAG), he owns a syndicated biographical service used by many Web sites around the world, and he has covered sports for WYKZ-FM and WHHI-TV and for several magazines.